High-performance building.


The building complex covered by this document is located at 2-6 rue Lafontaine in Saint-Ouen in the heart of the Porte de Saint-Ouen development zone.

It comprises:

  • 3 basement levels including 119 parking spaces and a meeting area (requiring fitting out)
  • 8 levels above ground (ground +7) on Rue Toulouse Lautrec (south side) and 6 levels (ground +5) on rue Lafontaine (north side), comprising a hall, company restaurant with cafeteria, luggage are, a second meeting space and office areas (requiring fitting out).


According to the Safety Notice, the maximum admissible headcount in the building is 882.


The dynamic loading is as follows:

  • 350kg/m² for office floors (including future partitioning)
  • 500kg/m² for all space on the ground floor
  • 500kg/m² for isolated areas on upper office floors (15m² per lot).

Clear height as follows:

  • Offices and corridors at upper levels 2.70m
  • Main hall at ground floor: 2.70m and locally double height at 6.00m


The external grid is 1.35m.

Facades include openable units for comfort.

On the ground floor, all glazing will be shock resistant.


Mineral fibre ceiling times to offices and meeting spaces.

Metallic tray ceilings to office corridors.


Carpet tiles placed on raised flooring, with clear height 10cm.


A triplex lift battery for above ground floors of which two will have 2.5m headroom and one of 2.7m. One lift serving parking and underground floors.


The general Electricity meter will be a high tension green tarrif type.
Sub-metering will be installed after the Main Distribution Board with, in particular, sub-metering for each office unit and sub-metering for common parts installations as follows:

  • HVAC
  • Lighting
  • Lifts
  • Plumbing
  • Heating
  • Office management


Car Park: fluorescent ceiling units with presence detectors or BMS control.

Offices: LED lighting controlled by presence detectors and light sensors.


Workstations will be supplied with 3 power socket extensions (2×10/16A + earth) of which one fitted with shutter lock for UPS power. They will be located in aluminium blocks with rapid connection cables.


Allowance for 12 parking spaces at the first underground level, 4 of which equipped with electric points for charging electric cars.


A dedicated circuit on the distribution panel for supplying one illuminated panel to be situated in accordance with the modified building permit.


Enabling works for the future installation of a generator of a capacity limited to 350kVA.


Enabling works for the future installation of a UPS in a location in the first basement level.


The building will be equipped with a category A fire security system (SSI), and an Type 1 alarm system in compliance with current regulations. This will be an addressable system.


A complete system (supervisor, relays, treatment unit, software, printer) allowing the control, surveillance, information capture and management of the following equipment:

  • Electrical (transformers, electrical boards, lighting, blinds, car park doors)
  • Lifts
  • Fire security and fire dampers
  • Alarms
  • Access control
  • Plumbing
  • Ventilation (car park, air handling and smoke extraction)
  • HVAC (production unites, distribution and terminals)

Fancoils will be operated by users by control panels allowing override of settings from the BMS supervisor according to the operating programme.


The access control will be fitted with a control system allowing badge readers.
The badge readers will be proximity of the type 15cm MIFARE ISO 14443A.
The following will be controlled:

  • Entrance and exit of parking
  • Hall entry
  • Delivery point to offices
  • Waste collection point to offices
  • Access to kitchen for restaurant
  • Bicycle access from the street

Containment will be provided to the lift landings at the entrances and access doors to each demise for the installation of badge readers.


Accesses at the outside the building will be fitted with entryphones. The receiver will be located in the main security station with a relay to the reception desk. There will also be a set of safety interphones for handicapped persons for the handicapped refuge zones.


Within the security station will be 22” flat LCD colour screens, multiplexers and numerical recorders capturing camera images from the following areas:

  • Lift landing serving access to the basement (3N°)
  • Entrance and exit to Car Park (2N°)
  • Inside the entrance hall (3N°)
  • Facades (5N°)

The system will be integrated into the access control supervisor and intrusion detection.


There will be an intrusion detection system with an alarm detector and transmitter panel located in the main security station.


Entrance ducts and cable tray allowing cabling between the penetration to the building in the basement and the two telecom frames, and vertical cable tray within risers, and connection within the building between the two telecom frames (cabling at the charge of the tenants).


Containment allowed for the future installation of date for VDI category 6 cabling. Comprising horizontal cable tray 300mm wide from the operator technical room to the foot of vertical risers and the vertical tray 300mm between the floors (cable tray on the office floors, and the cabling and creation of patching rooms will be at the charge of the tenants).


Heat production will be via the substation fed by the district hot water concession. Cold production will be by two soundproofed air condenser chillers located on the technical roof.


Treated air is circulated by 4 pipe non-encased low consumption fancoils units built into the false ceilings. One unit is allowed for every two 1.35m façade grids, sized at medium fanspeed to treat three 1.35m façade grids.

Offices and meeting rooms at the office floors are covered by two dual flux air handling units, installed at the technical roof of the building.

The meeting rooms in the first basement level and ground floor are covered by a dedicated dual flux air handling unit located at the first basement level.

The entrance hall is covered by a dedicated dual flux air handling unit located at the first basement including motorized register, pre-filter, filter, hot and cold batteries and heat retriever.

The heating and cooling are achieved by a basic treatment by a heated and cooled floor, with a complement by air handling.

There will also be a hot air curtain in the ceiling of the entry lobby.


The AC in the VDI rooms will be by direct exchange.

Only the vertical frigorific quality copper pipework located in the technical risers and the shutoff valves for the installation of future pipework and coolers are provided, based on a set power requirement of 3kW cooling per room.

The supply and installation of external units terminals and the connections are at the charge of the tenants.


Hygienic hot water production: produced by semi-instantaneous electric hot water tanks, one tank per WC block. The capacity will be according to the number of WC’s being served.


The office level appliances will be white to the following specification:

  • Suspended WC with onboard cistern, flush plate in chromed steel with two touch 3/6 litres and double seat/lid.
  • Sink units in resin with mixer taps and grilled waste outlet.
  • All waste siphons in chromed steel.
  • Shower tray in cast in white ceramic, and shower time delayed panel and mixer taps in the changing rooms on first basement level.

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